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Alight Motion is a fantastic video editing and animation app. It is famous globally due to its professional quality motion graphics, animations, video editing, visual effects, and video compositing. Enjoy hundreds of features like color adjustment, animations, fonts, blending modes, and more. Nevertheless, the developers have made this app more user-friendly by adding the Alight Motion Presets for android.

Alight Motion Mod APK

Alight Motion presets are pre-programmed tools that help you edit videos quickly and easily. If you are already an Alight Motion user, you will know the benefits of presets. If you are a beginner, you will learn everything about the presets. This guide is all about the Alight Motion Presets download, the Alight Motion Presets app on Google Play Store, and everything you need to know about.

What Are Presets in Video Editing?

As the name suggests, presets are the adjustments or edits that are saved for future use in video editing software. Alight Motion app also offers several presets to make certain video edits in one click. They represent a one-click tool and one of the most powerful features for post-video production. If it’s your common practice to use the same feature or adjustments,

Alight motion presets have a great impact on your video editing workflow. All the adjustments you save in the Alight motion app are based on your settings but now you can use the previously adjusted presets by the developers. In short, Alight Motion offers built-in and customized presets to make editing easier for you.

Presets for Alight Motion Android App

To make your editing easier and trouble-free, The developers have developed a dedicated app. This app is available free of cost on Google Play Store and anyone can download it without paying a fee. By using this app, you can create beautiful reels, videos, and social media short videos with the help of built-in Alight Motion Presets.

They update and add different presets according to the trend. Fullscreen presets are most common due to the ease of editing and features. Keep in mind that it’s not an official preset by the Alight Motion but they are compatible with the Alight Motion Android app. They developed this app just to help the Alight Motion users.

Moreover, the size of the app is little i.e. 4.3 MB, and does not burden your mobile phone. It has more than 10,000+ active installations and thousands of downloads. In short, this is a fabulous app that helps you enjoy the latest presets for Alight Motion.

NamePresets for Alight Motion
Developed byAbhi Creations
Android requirement4.4 or above
Current version2.1
Last updatedMay 13, 2022
Content RatingEveryone
Storage Size4.3 MB

Top Alight Motion Presets

The top animation presets in Alight Motion are specified for images, texts, lyrics in a video, and more. Further, these presets are subdivided into several presets in a single category. For example, Alight Motion has 100+ presets for texts that you can use in your videos. Check out the top alight motion presets in the following:

Text Shake Effects

As the name suggests, this preset is used for shaking the text in your video. The transitions are also applied in text shake effects. These are very helpful in creating realistic and dynamic camera shakes just due to this amazing preset. The length of the text shake effect has a different time from a few seconds to 1 minute. However, people like to use short text shake effects to make the video more entertaining.

Image Shake Effects

Image shake effects are responsible for giving the images the illusion in Alight Motion. It’s one of the best shaking effects to make your images more attractive. You can blur the background at different levels, change the background, or shake it anytime you want. Give a clear and sharp view of the area where you want the people to focus. These Alight shake effects are very helpful in creating views for different applications such as bike riding, car driving, dancing, and more.

Lyrics Video Templates

Lyrics play an important role in delivering your message to people who even don’t know your language. If someone has an understanding issue with your language, lyrics are a good option. Alight motion presets offer hundreds of lyric video templates. You just have to click and you can apply the lyrics Alight template easily. The several available lyrics templates allow you to apply lyrics in different styles and designs.

How To Use Alight Motion Presets – Step-by-Step Guide

Using the alight motion presets is pretty easy. Follow the steps mentioned below to download and use the alight motion presets mod apk.

  • First, download and install the Alight Motion APK on your Android phone.
  • After that download, the Alight Motion presets app from our provided downloading link.
  • Open the alight motion app and go to the presets app.
  • Click on the import presets button and all the available presets will be imported to the alight motion app.
  • After that edit video and apply any of the alight motion presets in one click without any issues.
  • Congrats! You have installed all the alight motion presets on your phone. Apply them and enjoy stunning video edits.


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Does Alight Motion have presets?

Yes, the Alight motion app is compatible with third-party presets developed by many developers. Just download the presets from the downloading link and import them into the Alight Motion app. After that use them anywhere you want.

Are Alight Motion Presets free?

Yes, Alight Motion is compatible with almost all third-party presets. You can import any type of preset and use them without paying a fee. Due to this reason, users like the Alight Motion app.

Final Words

In conclusion, you can make your videos stunning and more eye-catching by using different Alight Motion presets. They not only make your editing easier but also save you precious time. We recommend you try these presets for Alight motion at least once. We assure you that you will find them very helpful for video editing.

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