How to Use & Import QR Codes On Alight Motion (Android/iOS)

There are a multitude of video editing apps available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Among the top-ranked apps is Alight Motion. You might have heard of it before, haven’t you?

Well, you will hear more about this app especially its amazing new feature – Alight Motion QR Codes Scanner.

How to Use & Import QR Codes On Alight Motion

What is this feature? Why there is a buzz going around it? Is it worth trying? Hold on. Those questions are valid – you have the right to ask them. And luckily, we are here to answer them.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about Alight Motion QR Codes Scanner. So don’t miss out.

What is Alight Motion?

Firstly, let us sum up the background of Alight Motion Pro APK for those who are yet to use it or are unaware of it. So what is Alight Motion?

It is a video editing app for iOS and Android devices. Alight Motion mod Apk allows users to create professional-looking videos with a variety of tools, including keyframing, masking, and audio mixing.

The app also provides access to a library of royalty-free sound effects and music. Alight Motion is a powerful tool for creating videos, but it is also easy to use. Even beginners can create high-quality videos with Alight Motion mod APK.

Alight Motion QR Codes Shake ..!!

It’s time to talk about the feature that brought you here. Alight Motion QR codes Instagram is a game changer. 

You will agree that video editing apps provide limited templates, effects, and transitions (at least in the free version that everyone uses).

Templates are important tools that can help you create better content more efficiently. Besides paying for apps or upgrading memberships, how do you get great templates for free?

To begin with, there are many wrong ways to accomplish this – like using rooted or nulled Apks. 

The problem with this idea is that your devices are exposed to a great security threat that you might be not aware of. Your precious data can be exposed and used in the wrong ways. Therefore, surely – nobody would want that – just to get free templates.

Alight Motion QR Codes Scanner: The Solution

Alight Motion provides great resources, functions, and benefits to its users. One of the most notable features is the QR Code Scanner.

QR Code on Alight Motion is a great way to get free templates from sources and export them to your editing app. This is an amazing way that help you save time and money.

Below we have included a complete method for getting free templates and importing them into Alight Motion.

Here’s How To Use QR Code in Alight Motion

The process is easy but you have to follow the steps we have outlined so that you don’t miss anything.

Step 1: Search for Accounts

Open Instagram and Search for “amcbases.” Once you see an account with this name – open it.

Search for Accounts Instagram

Step 2: Select effects, and transitions you like

As you open the account, you see many templates, effects, and transitions. Choose anyone you like. For instance, I am choosing the 5th template.

Alight Motion Effects and transitions

Step 3: Take a Screenshot 

After opening the desired template, slide the picture until you see a barcode with Alight Motion Pro Apk written just under it. Here you see, I’ve got to the picture. Just take a screenshot of this picture.

Alight Motion QR Template

Step 4: Scan with QR Code

Browse the files using the QR Code Scanner you’ve downloaded. Select the screenshot you’ve just taken! As soon as you do it, a link will appear. Click on the link – highlighted in the red box.

Scan with QR Code Alight Motion

Step 5: Import Option

As you click on the link, you will be taken to the import page in Alight Motion. From here, click on the import button.

Alight Motion Import Option

Step 6: Ta-da it’s done

The Alight Motion app will display your effect once you click on the import button. Here it is. 

Alight Motion app effect

Now you can use the Alight Motion App to create some fun effects. Simply play around with the app to see what you can create.

Initial Requirements

1. Instagram Account

We all are aware of Instagram and we expect you surely have an account on it. If you don’t have an Instagram account, this method won’t work. So, we suggest you create one! It’s easy to make and could be done in minutes.

2. A QR Code Scanner App

A QR Code Scanner is a tool used to scan QR Codes. QR Codes are two-dimensional barcodes that can store a great amount of data. They are often used to encode URLs, contact information, and other types of data.

So install any QR Code Scanner App on your devices. Just go to Android or iOS stores, and search in the bar, “QR Code Scanner” – you will get many. Just install any app you like. 

Alight Motion QR Code Scanners

Once you have an Instagram account and a QR Code Scanner on your phone – it’s time to witness the magic created by Alight Motion Happymod.

Get free Instagram templates from these accounts!

  • ampresetc
  • alightmotions7
  • alightmotion_coodes
  • alightmotionshakes
  • alightmotions7.overlay
  • alightm.code_tr
  • alightmotion.95
  • alightmxtionpresets

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you scan the QR code?

After you download and install the QR code reader, open it and point the camera at the QR code. The reader will automatically decode the information.

Why is my QR code not working?

One possibility is that the code is not scanned correctly. Make sure the code is scanned in the correct orientation, and that there is enough light for the scanner to read it correctly. If the code still doesn’t work, it may expire. 

How to add QR codes on an Alight Motion iPhone?

Launch Alight Motion on your iPhone and open the project you want to add a QR code to. Tap the + button in the top-left corner of the screen and select “Add Image.”

  1. Select “QR Code” from the list of image types and tap “Choose.”
  2. Scan the QR code using your iPhone’s camera.
  3. Alight Motion will automatically decode the QR code and add it to your project.

Wrapping it up

We have provided you with an easy way to use an Alight Motion QR Codes Scanner. You can use this method as many times as you want, and you will never be out of templates, effects, etc. So, give it a try and you will love it. Stay connected with us for more amazing blogs!

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