6 Best Motion Graphic Software in 2024 (You Should Know)

In this modern era, motion graphics software helps digital marketers, video editors, and many other professionals in many ways. Whether you belong to the advertising industry, education, social media, science, or entertainment, such software is widely used by people. The reason is clear: you can covey the idea clearly, briefly, and effectively with the help of motion graphics.

Best Motion Graphic Softwares

If you are looking for motion graphic software that you can use on a smartphone, desktop, or laptop, this guide is for you. We have prepared a list of the best graphic software with all the information you need. Our shortlisted software is useful for all types of animation graphics, animated characters, infographics, symbols, and motion effects.

Motion Graphic Software Tools Free

If you have finally made up your mind to dive into a motion-graphics career, you should take a look at the following essential motion graphic tools. They are suitable for beginners and experts. Let’s get deeper!

1. Alight Motion – Video and Animation Graphic

Alight Motion is considered one of the best video editor and motion graphics apps. It is designed for professional editing on your Android phone, IOS iPhone, iPad, Mac, or even desktop computer. This software delivers quality, visual effects, video composing, and many other benefits within a single app.

Key Features

  • Grouping and masking with expert color tuning.
  •  Velocity-based motion blur.
  • Multiple layers and multi-layer editing.
  • Shadow, strokes, multi-border effects, custom font options, and more.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is the greatest video editing and animation tool and almost everyone is aware of the name. It is capable of developing motion graphics, video editing, and many other video editing tasks. It was developed back in 1991 as a video editor but now it has almost every feature from basic cutting to animation rendering. 

It consists of many additional tools that help you get everything clear such as audio, colors, vector graphics, etc. You can drag & drop several images into different layers and still animate them. Use the effects tab and enjoy several animation graphics tools.

It’s quite similar to Adobe After Effects but has more customization options in it.

Key Features

  •  It is the best software for those who want to practice motion graphics and video editing. 
  • If you have used Adobe After Effects previously, it would be pretty easy to use. 
  • The interface is well organized and clean, and most importantly tools are easy to approach.

3. Adobe Photoshop

Everyone is aware of the Adobe brand and also their reputation across the global market. Photoshop is basically used for photo editing or retouching, but it’s also capable of creating motion graphics. It has played a great role in digital illustration and photo editing to achieve stunning animations.

Adobe has now added a video feature to create animated GIFs and animation development. The software is simple enough that everything is elaborated in the Photoshop instructions. It uses frame-by-frame techniques to edit multiple frames together, classic animations, and almost all the digitalization features.

Key Features

  •  It’s an assembler of motion graphic elements and other video editing programs.
  •  Accomplish different styles quickly with ease.
  •  Design board with more ease than before to organize and edit.

4. Adobe After Effect

After the effect has become essential and useful software for everyone, it’s also a product of Adobe company started in about 1993. The developers have developed this tool, especially for digital compositing and visual effects. Furthermore, you can replace the backgrounds of any video, use a green-screen effect, and place the computer graphics into any scene.

This software is considered ideal for handling several motion graphics tasks using unique animation tools. You can also use it as a retool with scripts and plugins to create wonderful web animations.

Whether you want to edit frame-by-frame or layer-by-layer, you can do anything easily and simply.

Key Features

  • Effective tool for merging one or more video formats to get a single motion graphic at the output.
  • It can edit scripts, plugins, and other animations to get effective web animations.
  • It is an integration of other Adobe software to recognize layers, encoding, and many other handy animation applications.

5. Adobe Animate

If you want to design first before animation, Adobe Animate might be your ideal choice. It’s an exceptionally new application also known as Adobe Flash. You can create several types of animation and vector graphics by following simple methods. It’s also good for web animations, gaming animations, and general animations.

Whether you want to create old-fashioned 2D animation or want to publish 3D graphics on social media, all is possible with this fabulous tool. However, you need to practice a little bit and read the instructions well to get started with it.

The animation procedure has become more convenient with tweening and drawing tools and editing at your fingertips. This software is ideal for beginners and experienced animation experts.

Key Features

  •  It’s a perfect tool for vector-based animations and graphics. All the tools and assets are built-in.
  • You can get high-quality animations such as motion paths, timing, and layers with one click.
  • The user interface is pretty easy, and you get a speedy workflow.

6. Cinema 4d

If you want to make animation visuals for television and movies, Cinema 4d is a perfect choice. You can compose several types of movie animations, vector graphics, 3D effects, and hybrid motion graphics with this awesome tool. However, it’s a paid tool, and you have to spend significant time learning more about it. If you have both, you will be capable of doing almost anything you want.

You will find several other options, but it has advanced motion graphics tools. You get out of the box options for 2D or the 3D world. If you are willing to perform top-notch animation editing, we recommend you go for this software.


Key Features

  • You get high-level details of motion graphics such as texture unwrapping tools, shaders, and more.
  •  It’s the most powerful tool for making 2D and 3D animation graphics.
  • You get the fast workflow here due to the easy user interface.

7. Blender

A blender is a new software in the field of motion graphics and animations. It is performing well, and developers are improving it day by day. This software is popular due to its built-in tools, detailed programs, and animation features. It’s also known for its superb 3D animations with the ability to edit models, animate, model, and many other tasks. In short, you can create simple and complex animation, vector designs, and other significant motion graphics with this app.

Download App

Key Features

  • It’s a free and open-source tool. Anyone can download and use it free of cost.
  •  You can use a camera and then make stunning animation edits in it.
  • It consists of a bundle of animation tools.

What to Choose?

In conclusion, we have shared all the details of top-rated motion graphics software based on tools, ease of use, and other significant characteristics. If you are still stuck in choosing one software for motion graphics, here are some of the recommendations.

If you want to edit video professionally on a smartphone, Alight Motion might be your primary choice. The reason is that it consists of all the tools which make your editing easier, even on a smartphone. Last but not least, Blender is also a good option for beginners as it consists of all the initial motion graphics tools.

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