Alight Motion Video Editing: Best Tips and Tricks

Last updated: May 30th, 2024

If you are a video content editor, having a top-rated software or app is necessary. Nevertheless, following the right way to edit videos is more significant than getting a stunning piece of video.

If you are a beginner at it, there are some chances that you will make a mistake. Remember that a small mistake can ruin your video and can create a bad impact on the viewers.

Alight Motion Video Editing

Best Alight Motion Video Editing Tips

The best alight motion video editor always thinks of the audience and tries to create engaging videos. To help you at this point, we have brought the best video editing tips for creating videos.

1. Pick Up The Right Software

First, you have to choose the right software to get the desired video editing results. When you visit the internet, you will see hundreds of software available in the market. You sometimes get confused about which software is good for you.

If you want to edit videos on a laptop or PC, here are some suggestions, i.e., Adobe Premiere, Fire Kirin, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, and more. On the other hand, if you are a smartphone user, we recommend using Alight Motion, Kinemaster, and other apps. The software and apps mentioned above are top-rated and allow you to create stunning videos.

2. Speed Up The Video

Do you know why some apps become so popular in a short time? In this busy world, no one has enough time to watch long videos or create content by the people. The amateur films and professional films are too long. It is noted that people like to watch short videos such as TikTok and other apps.

Here you don’t need to cut your story into half hours but create short videos of 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes. It helps you get your audience and better engagement. If you want to show more content, speed up the video and check the flow. The flow should be balanced and adjusted carefully.

3. Make Accurate Cuts

Whether you are a professional video editor or a beginner, you should know how to make accurate and tight cuts. The meaning of cuts here is that you have to take care of the unnecessary scenes. You must know where you pause, speed up, and create a gap in the video while editing. Keep the overall running time of the video and make the tight cuts by the total time.

It is important to note the total time to create efficient cuts to compress the video time. Preview the edits before finalizing the video or re-work the scenes if something is missing or needs to be updated.

4. Choose The Right Angle

Having the right equipment and using it accurately shows your professionalism in the video. The angles of a video depend on the type of project you are working on. Suppose you are working on a story or a documentary work; the overall history is paramount. Here, the video editor should have to leave beautiful scenes on the full screen. You just add an image with different angles and do not add anything else.

Furthermore, you just have to balance the people in the video at a certain angle, i.e., according to the expectations of the audience. You can observe things by imagining what would be shown in the video when you listen to the audio.

5. Wide Shots

In the starting scenes of a video, it’s important to cut the video at different angles to give the right concept to your audience. Once the video starts, the zoomed or close-up shots are equally important and hold the audience for a long. The reason is simple: it keeps the audience more captivated. In this way, you can pick up facial expressions and gestures accurately.

6. Concentrate On The Speaker’s Body Language

Body language reveals a lot of things. Everyone has an individual rhythm and intonation to their voice, and facial expression shows that. When you focus more on body language, it helps you create the right video with the proper tempo. Surely, the audience will feel intuitive after watching the video.

7. Re-Edit & Eliminate Mistakes

An error might occur while editing a video, and it might be technical or non-technical. If you practice it in your video editing career, you will get praised for your post-production. Usually, the mistakes occur on a cut on actions. If you use the Alight Motion Pro app with the proper technique, cut one shot over the other with a different angle to hide the mistake. This method pretends continuous time in front of the viewers, and they will be unable to find the mistakes.

8. B-Roll Shots

If your video requires cutaway inserts, it’s always better to use them in a row. Moreover, the B-roll should be 1.5-2 seconds in length and should not be less than this. For a better understanding, let’s share an example. A good B-Roll shot is one when a character enters the hall and looks around. The point-of-view gives the viewers an idea of the landscape character. In short, it shows the character and video like in the real world.

9. Utilize Split Edits

If you ever watched the 50s videos, you will feel the editing was simple. However, split edits are a compelling way to edit video. It usually occurs when the sound changes but not the picture. It’s a good technique and used to make a flow in the video or script. It is usually made to allow the audience to read the captains and observe the context.

10. Maintain Proper Pacing

Proper pacing is important to create an accurate flow and tempo according to the timing and cuts. The example is of a song where the rhythm matches the other things. Therefore, it’s necessary to give appropriate pacing at a suitable speed. If the speed is slow, there might be a chance that the audience will get bored.


How can I do better video editing?

The first thing is to choose the right software and follow all the tips and tricks shared by the professionals. You can also check out our video editing tips to improve overall video editing results.

Is video editing hard?

If you are a beginner, it will be hard for you, but when you get in, it’s not much harder. Practice as much as you can, and don’t forget to follow the video editing tips to learn the curves thoroughly.

Final Words

In conclusion, we have shared all the important tips and tricks for video editing. If you follow these tips, we assure you will get the best video editing results.

We hope you will find this ultimate guide helpful for your video editing projects.

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