How to Reverse Video in Alight Motion APK?

Last updated: May 30th, 2024

Have you ever watched an excellent social media video and thought it would be awesome if you could make it play in reverse, like everything happening backward? Or have you ever created a video and suddenly realized it would be better if it played in reverse? You may have made a funny video of your friends and now want it to return to the start. 

How to Reverse Video in Alight Motion APK

Steps to Reverse Video in Alight Motion?

Reversing a video is a cool trick that can make your video look like it’s going backward. It’s almost like magic!

Even if you filmed your video with a primary phone, you can make it seem like a fancy Hollywood movie. Editing videos is like being an artist – you get to create something unique!

Let’s get started on how to reverse video in Alight Motion.

  • Open Alight Motion: First, open the Alight Motion app on your device.
  • Pick Your Video: Choose the video you want to reverse. It could be a funny moment, a cool trick, or something interesting you filmed.
  • Make It Reverse: Tap on your chosen video layer. You’ll see some options pop up – tap on something called “Layer Properties.” It’s like tinkering with the settings of your video.
  • Find the Reverse Button: Look at the top part of the settings. There’s a button that says “Reverse.” It’s like a magic switch that makes your video play backward.
  • Tap the Reverse Button: Go ahead and tap that “Reverse” button. It is where the magic happens. Once you tap it, your video will start playing in reverse, like rewinding a tape!

That’s it! Just these easy steps and your video will do the time warp. Whether fixing a tutorial video or having fun with a silly backward video, alight motion without watermark is here to make it awesome.

So go ahead and try it – you’ll be a video wizard in no time!

Why Reverse Video in Alight Motion Is Beneficial?

There are many benefits to Reversing a video in Alight Motion which are described below:

Fixing How-To Videos: Sometimes, when we make a video showing steps, we realize later that the first step should have been shown at the end. Reversing the video can solve this problem.

Creating Funny Videos: We can use the reverse method to create funny videos. Many popular funny videos today are made by playing videos backward. You can make videos like those or even better ones.

Adding Special Effects: One cool thing you can do with reverse videos is make special Alight effects. For example, you can reverse a video of rain so it looks like the rain is going upwards or stopping. Or you could reverse a video of the fire to make it seem like it is going out. 

Useful Tips and Tricks 

Now we will be describing tips and tricks for reversing a video in Alight Motion:

  • Before you flip your video, think about what you want it to look like in reverse. 
  • If you want your video to switch between regular and reversed scenes smoothly, you can use a unique animation technique called keyframing. It makes the video feel flowing naturally instead of just being flipped.
  • To make your reversed video more interesting, you can add sound effects. These sounds will surprise and captivate viewers as the video plays in reverse.
  • You can control how fast or slow the reversed video plays using Alight Motion’s speed adjustment feature. Play around with different speeds to find what suits your video best.
  • To highlight specific parts of the reversed video, you can use masking. 
  • Always look at how the reversed video looks before you finish it. This way, you can make any needed changes to make it just right before you save and share it.
  • In conclusion, making a video play in reverse using Alight Motion is easy. First, click on the video part you want to reverse in the timeline. Then, find the “Transform” section in the settings. You’ll see an option called “Reverse” – pick that. The video will instantly start playing in reverse, which gives it a fantastic and exciting look.
  • If you want to get even fancier, you can use the “keyframe” tool. It helps you control how fast the video goes and which way it goes throughout. With these tricks, you can make your videos in Alight Motion look creative and memorable.

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